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Safal Niveshak Stream – October 26, 2016

Note to Readers: In Stream, we suggest worthwhile reading material on a variety of topics, not all of which are directly related to investing. Some of the articles require you to be paid subscriber of those sites. However, it is often possible to read such articles by going to Google News and searching for the article’s title.

Some nice stuff we are reading, watching, and observing during the middle of this week…


  • (2100 words/9 minutes read): Do you know the three important life skills nobody ever taught you? Please don’t take it personally, be open to changing your long and dearly held beliefs and the most important one – get comfortable with uncertainty…

    When something tragic happens and you become horribly hurt, as much as your pain has you absolutely convinced that this must be about you, remember that hardship is part of choosing to live, that the tragedy of death is what gives meaning to life, and that pain has no prejudice — it afflicts us all. Deserving or not deserving isn’t part of the equation.

    When you decide to change careers, there’s no one there telling you which career is right for you. When you decide to commit to someone, there’s no one telling you this relationship is going to make you happy. When you decide to start a business or move to a new country or eat waffles instead of pancakes for breakfast, there’s no way of knowing — for certain — if what you’re doing is “right” or not.

    Developing the ability to simply do things for no other reason than curiosity or interest or hell, even boredom — the ability to do things with no expectation for result or accolade or productivity or fanfare — will train you to better make these big ambiguous life decisions. It will train you to simply start on something without knowing where in the hell it’s going.

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5 Ways to Create Luck in Investing and Life

A wise man once said, “I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, luckier I get.”

Believers in this saying usually belong to the meritocratic school of thought. They claim, “If you’re good, you don’t need luck.”

If you’re successful it’s a natural human tendency to assume the credit for your success. After all, you must have worked hard for it and you surely deserve it. But when I think of my life, I have seen and met many individuals for whom, in spite of working extremely hard, success remained elusive.

Goes with saying that I have also met those who achieved great heights with relatively much lesser effort. These are the people who manage to attract much more than their fair share of luck. Usually, we look down on such people with some envy and disdain. It’s assumed that any success founded on an element of luck is inherently undeserving.

Do you know someone who always manages to find himself in the right place at the right time? Before you label him as lucky, ask yourself – do you think his luck is out of pure randomness? Perhaps he has a knack for arriving at the right place and at the right time.

Common sense tells us that luck can’t be controlled and it’s all about chance and probability. But what if someone told you that there was a way to control luck? Not in an esoteric way but in a rational way? If you feel like scoffing at such an idea, I would urge you to have an open mind. Just for the sake of curiosity.

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Safal Niveshak Stream – October 22, 2016


Some nice stuff we are reading, watching, and observing at the start of this weekend… Investing/Stock Market Jason Zweig, The Wall Street Journal’s investing columnist, in an interview with Philip Tetlock, the co-author of “Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction,” explore why amateurs can actually be better than experts at predicting the future, and […]

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Video Series: Investing Lessons From Occam’s Razor

It’s a human tendency to address a complex problem with a complex solution. And when it doesn’t work, man starts looking for an even more complex solution. In an uncertain world, seeking complexity is a big error. Complex problems do not always require complex solutions. Overly complicated systems like financial markets are not only difficult […]

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Safal Niveshak Stream – October 19, 2016

Some nice stuff we are reading, watching, and observing during the middle of this week… Investing/Stock Market The long run is just a collection of short runs, writes Morgan Housel… …value is ultimately created in the long run. That’s where scale takes off and compounding works its magic – over years and decades, not months […]

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What Buses Taught Me About Stocks


When I was studying in College in Mumbai, I heard a saying from my friends about BEST buses. “You should never run behind a bus because if you miss one, there’s always the next one coming in few minutes.” And it was quite true because I don’t remember waiting at any bus stop for more […]

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Safal Niveshak Stream – October 15, 2016

Some amazing stuff we are reading, watching, and observing at this start of this weekend… Investing/Stock Market If I could reveal just one secret of sensible, successful investing (which isn’t a secret, by the way), it would be… Buying stocks when the market collapses is far harder to do than to imagine. But the great […]

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Latticework of Mental Models: Denominator Blindness


Imagine you are engrossed in a very interesting book and your concentration is broken by a call from a friend (let’s call him Hobbes). It’s rather unusual to receive Hobbes’ call at this time during the day so, expecting to hear something urgent, you pick up the phone and ask him – “What’s up, buddy? Is […]

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